Lironi disputes departure speculation

THE departing head of communications at the Scottish Labour Party has taken issue with newspaper reports that his leaving has something to do with newly-elected party leader, Wendy Alexander.

At the weekend, it was being reported that Brian Lironi was leaving amid speculation that he was at odds with Alexander.

But, in a statement, Lironi, a former political editor at the Sunday Mail, says: “Press reports which suggest I had clashed with Labour’s new leader in the Scottish Parliament are wrong.

“I have not clashed with the new leader. The nature of my employment was with the Scottish Labour Group in the Scottish Parliament. Regrettable media reports which suggest the contrary are erroneous and without foundation.

“I have agreed a package with representatives of the Labour Group which allows me to move on and pursue an alternative career.

“I joined the Labour Group in August and this represented a career change for me, having spent many years in journalism.

“Through no-one’s fault, that career change has not been successful and I have decided to move. I wish the Labour Party in Scotland well for the future and know they will be an effective opposition at Holyrood.”