Police camera grab prompts investigation appeal

THE Scottish Daily Newspaper Society has been asked to investigate the removal, by a police officer, of a camera from a newspaper photographer.

Almost three weeks ago, a freelancer was taking photographs for the Sunday Mail newspaper of the helicopter crash scene which claimed the lives of rally driver, Colin McRae, his son, plus two others.

But he was then asked, by a police officer, to hand over his camera, even though the officer was invited to look at the images there and then. The camera was returned the next day – all images intact.

As it happened, the Sunday Mail got all the pictures it required – the photographer had a second camera on him.

But editor, Allan Rennie, has asked the SDNS to investigate.

It’s understood the matter is being discussed at the next SDNS meeting. There is a protocol operating down south between the Society of Editors and the Association of Chief Police Officers regarding bona fide photographers being allowed to do their job unimpeded.

An ACPOS spokesperson told allmediascotland.com: “The protocol with the Society of Editors applies to both ACPO and ACPOS, but it is still being considered by our corporate communications sub-committee for ratification, which I hope will be by early next year.”