Ming pic irks media ethics charity

THE Scotsman has been named in an article by a media ethics charity, for its use of a particular photograph, following the resignation of Lib Dem leader, Sir Menzies Campbell.

In an article that is also critical of other newspapers and media outlets, Charles Fletcher, chair of MediaWise, says: “The Scotsman newspaper splashed with a photograph that was clearly placed to give the impression of an old man unable to carry his bags.

“It may well be he was simply bending forward to pick them up, but the pose looks awkward and, by coincidence, perfectly married the copy.

“Inside, its cartoon depicted a vacant Zimmer frame and a fleeting glimpse of an arm and a leg exiting the drawing.”

Continues Fletcher: “Isn’t it clear that the industry would not dare make insulting references to any other person in public life because of their race, religion or sex?

“If that is so, then what qualifies journalists to be rude about Ming Campbell?”