Freelance training course being hosted by NUJ

STRESSEDat being a staffer? The National Union of Journalists is hosting a training day for current and prospective freelance journalists, with the topics being covered including how to negotiate fees.

It is being held on Friday, November 30, in Glasgow.

The programme is as follows:

1. Introduction to freelance journalism, the state of the industry and the freelance market; the types of freelance work available, including shift work, contract work, commissioned work, writing on a speculative basis.

2. Getting organised: the basic equipment requirements for effective freelancing, with the optimum office organisation: marketing, contacts, breaking into the market.

3. Negotiating, finding the going rate, establishing the terms of the work and delivery.

4. Producing the work, research, contacts, developing sources.

5. Copyright – Protecting your own copyright and not breaching others’.

6. Problems following delivery: whether complaints about quality are justified, chasing payment, follow-up selling.

7. Handling payments, money and expenses: record-keeping, bank accounts, tax, self-assessment, National Insurance, VAT.

8. Personal finance: relationship with bank manager and Business Plan; saving, mortgages and loans; insurance for home, equipment, car, health, medical expenses; pensions.

9. Protecting information and sources; Data Protection legislation; safekeeping of gathered information; relationships with other journalists, professional organisations and union.

10. Rights and duties: how freelances can gain access to press conferences, Parliament, and other events on a par with the staff journalist, including Freedom of Information legislation.

11. Rights and duties: what you can expect from commissioning companies and what duties you owe, including defamation, contempt of court, statutory and voluntary controls etc.

12. Specialist journalism: arts, sport, business and finance.