talk107 boss announces he’s stepping down

THE boss of Scotland’s only commercial speech-only radio station has resigned.

Peter Gillespie said yesterday he was leaving talk107.

Taking over, at least temporarily, is Matt Allitt, who has been with owners, UTV, for over ten years, including as station director at Juice (in Liverpool), Wave (in Blackpool), Wire (in Warrington), and Wish (in Wigan). He is UTV’s client services director.

Gillespie told Spike: “I am moving on to launch a new online media business – an industry I worked in for eight years before coming back into radio with talk107 – and will leave talk107 by the end of the year.

“My plan was always to dedicate two years to talk107 – I started in August 2005 to set it up – before going back into new media and I now have the ideas and significant investment in place to do this early next year.”