Broadcasting commission issues open invitation

THE government commission looking into the future of Scottish broadcasting has launched a website, to collect the opinions of the general public, TV specialist and non-specialist alike.

It follows the launching of the Scottish Broadcasting Commission by First Minister, Alex Salmond, in August, and which is being chaired by a former head of news and current affairs at BBC Scotland, Blair Jenkins.

What the website is particularly looking at, currently, is the economic potential of broadcasting in Scotland.

Says the commission, in a statement: “We want to look into how the sector’s strengths and public resources can be harnessed to best grow the industry and how we can maximise the economic benefits which can flow from a strong broadcasting sector. This is a key consideration for us and is the focus of the start of our evidence gathering.”

It continues: “We want to hear from everyone who has a say in this matter – from the chief executives of the major broadcasters to the grip on the latest period drama production, the indie producer making their latest pitch, the camera operator in the studio or the Corrie fan.”

The cultural and democratic aspects of Scottish broadcasting are also key elements of the website.