Job cuts at SMG?

JOB cuts are expected at stv owners, SMG, following a review of the business, including an ending, in late spring, of the company’s broadcasting of Scottish Premier League football highlights.

The scale of the expected cut is not yet known, as negotiations continue with staff and trade unions.

SMG has also announced that the conclusion of this current football season will see an end to its provision of outside broadcasting services to sports broadcasting company, Setanta.

However, a relationship with Setanta is expected to continue in terms of SMG providing post-production facilities, the opportunity to share office space and other services.

Said a spokesperson: “We’re aiming to start 2008 with a well-structured and efficient TV business. We have been undertaking a review of the business and have been consulting with trade unions, employee representatives and staff.”

It is hoped the anticipated cutback in sports and technical staffing will be done on a voluntary basis.

Meanwhile, stv is create a dedicated technical team for its news operation at stv north, similar to what it describes as “a successful structure” at stv central.

Added the spokesperson: “This will benefit the stv north news team and help maintain the excellent service they provide to viewers in the area.”