Eyre races back to Beeb

A FORMER senior broadcast journalist at BBC Scotland is returning to the Corporation after almost three years building up hyper-local newspapers and websites in Glasgow.

David Eyre is leaving Southside Media, to work on the news side of a proposed, new Gaelic-language digital TV channel scheduled to start broadcasting later this year and involving partners, the BBC and the publicly-funded Gaelic Media Service.

He leaves on Monday, ahead of Southside Media launching five community network websites, to add to its newspapers for the G41 and G42 postal districts of the city.

The websites will cover both the G41 and G42 districts plus the G5, G44 and G45 ones.

Says Eyre: “That will mean that individuals and organisations living in these districts will have their very own ‘Facebook’- style application, where they can create their own blogs and share stories and information.”

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