‘Dramatic, if not terminal’ decline experienced by Scottish TV, says report

A “DRAMATIC if not terminal” decline in independent TV production has taken place in Scotland, according to research issued yesterday.

According to a report published by PACT – the producers alliance for cinema and television – a recent general decline in independent production opportunities throughout the UK has been most marked in the likes of Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland fare little better, it also concludes.

The research was looking specifically at production outside of London – defined as being within the M25 motorway. Says a press statement: “While the report indicates that the broadcasters are meeting their regional quotas, this is confined to specific regions and, in reality, the data shows an overall decline in independent production opportunities throughout the UK between 2004 and 2006.

“The decline has been felt across the board but more noticeably in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, where the decline has been dramatic if not terminal.”

In Scotland, according to PACT, independent broadcast hours dropped from 179.6 in 2004 to 102.7 two years later – a total loss of 76.9 hours.

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