Ralston No.1 for sartorial elegance

AMERICAN Football’s Super Bowl is taking place this weekend, and the Daily Record’s Gary Ralston – once head of media for now-defunct local pro team, the Scottish Claymores – is over there to report on it.

And no sooner did he land in the US, but he became something of a celebrity, as this piece on the website, ChicagoSports.com, testifies.

Under the heading, ‘Three things you would have to see to believe at the Super Bowl’, No.1 is none other than Mr Ralston: “The best-dressed sportswriter award Wednesday – not exactly a hard event to win – went to Gary Ralston of the Daily Record in Glasgow, Scotland.

“After traveling 5,500 miles over 22 hours, Ralston wore a gray [sic] kilt for the occasion, complete with traditional garb that included high socks, belt and pouch [mmm].”