Expanded sports section good news for lower leagues

FANS of lower division football in Scotland are to be allocated their own dedicated page in an expanded sports section in the Saturday edition of The Scotsman.

Sports editor, Donald Walker, has been given four extra pages to work with, bringing the section from 20 to 24 pages. And of those four, one is to be given over to stories from each of the three Scottish Football League divisions. As it is, the paper already provides team-by-team information.

Walker was one of the first beneficiaries when Mike Gilson took over as editor eighteen months ago. Immediately, his Tuesday-Friday page allocations was increased. The paper has long produced a separate sports section on a Monday. Walker is an East Fife fan.

The extra pagination on a Saturday also provides Walker the opportunity to provide more previews of the English Premiership.

Last week, Ian Rodgers, former Scottish sports editor of the Press Association, joined The Scotsman’s sports desk, as a sub-editor.