New digital company targets content marketing

THE website equivalent of product placement in a movie is to be at the core of a new company, launching today, by, among others, the former editor of The Scotsman’s website.

w00tonomy is offering clients advice on how they can weave sophisticated marketing opportunities into their website content – but not in a way that is dull advertorial.

So, for instance, a website article may include links to buying opportunities that will only be followed through by the reader if the article itself is intrinsically interesting.

Kirkpatrick is joined by two former senior managers of web and digital communications company, CIVIC: Graham Jones and Tony Purcell. What they are offering is not just advice on how websites can be structured to maximise selling opportunities, they can also source content and undertake sophisticated numerical analysis of what types of content are working and not.

Says Kirkpatrick: “The first phase of the internet was really about technology, the second was about the visual element. But for now and for the future it is all about content, particularly with the launch of new mobile devices like the iPhone.

“Our experience has taught us that, to reach target audiences, clients need to build a relationship with them based on interesting and relevant content – not ads. This content must be developed over time in response to intelligence about how the audience behaves. This is at the heart our business – content marketing.”

He continued: “Traditional online marketing has focused on building a web or mobile site, uploading the client’s content and then (maybe) monitoring the traffic. The process ends there. But this approach fails to take into account how people and content behave – especially after Web 2.0. All content competes for attention with all other content – regardless of who publishes it.

“Our business is built on the realisation that clients now want to demonstrate real value from their online spend. Our directors boast decades of experience in editorial, strategic, technical, analytic and operational fields. We bring all components together to make your online presence effective. We will guide our clients on every stage of building a successful online strategy.”