Scottish Screen merger getting closer

PLANS to merge Scottish Screen with the Scottish Arts Council – to produce single, umbrella body, Creative Scotland – took a step closer to being realised yesterday.

Welcoming the publication of the Creative Scotland Bill, Culture Minister, Linda Fabiani, said: “The establishment of Creative Scotland will cultivate and support the best of Scottish arts and culture and maximise the potential of Scotland’s creative sector.

“The Bill outlines that Creative Scotland and artists themselves will have the freedom and power to determine their own creative direction – a firm sign from this Government that we will not interfere in artistic decisions.

“Creative Scotland will have a vital role in promoting artistic excellence. It will help our artists, practitioners and creative businesses to rise to new levels of aspiration, ambition and achievement and it will be a ready source of advice and advocacy and a partner to support that aim.

“Scotland’s national identity is rooted in passion for innovation and new ideas. I look forward to Creative Scotland giving fresh impetus to this national flair for originality, and the future cultural life of our country.”