Scottish conference promising to discuss latest developments for website designers

SCOTLAND’S website designers are being invited to keep up with the latest developments in their industry – by attending a local conference with global ambitions.

The Highland Fling is the brainchild of website designer, Alan White, and this is the second year in succession that he has sought to bring Scotland’s digital community together – at a conference with world-class speakers – to find out what’s new about their industry and to share ideas and experiences with each other.

“Not all the best thinking and associated conferences have to gravitate towards London,” says White. This year’s Highland Fling is taking place in Edinburgh, on the third of next month.

Last year’s inaugural conference attracted over 100 people.

The title of this year’s conference is ‘The browser and beyond’, and is about accessing information online without necessarily having to go through a browser; for instance, to have on one’s computer screen an ‘automatic fetcher’ of what’s important to the user.

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