McWhinnie is ‘sentenced’ to retirement

ONE of the great names of Scottish journalism over the past 50 years bows out tonight at a glittering bash in a most unusual location in Glasgow.

Arnot McWhinnie, owner of the Glasgow Court Agency, retires today, and a 100 guests from the Scottish journalistic and legal fraternity will gather in the precincts of Glasgow High Court to honour him.

Arnot began his career in local newspapers, and then spent four years in the Perth office of The Courier and four years on the court beat for the Glasgow Evening Citizen, before moving to the Daily Record, where he was chief crime reporter for 27 years, from 1967.

He then set up Glasgow Court Agency, with Jim Kerr and the late David Allister, and when they left, he was joined by Ian Sharp as partner. Ian subsequently retired, and Arnot hired Wilma Riley and Grant McCabe, who will now be joined by Vicky Weldon.

He retires to his home in Stanley, Perthsire, where he is building a new house in his garden.

A keen angler and shooter, he wrote the angling column for the Daily Record under the byline, Silver Wilkie, for 20 years.

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