Changes at Edinburgh Evening News

FRIDAY sees the business editor of the Edinburgh Evening News leaving for a post in public relations, but it’s not the only change on the personnel front at the capital title.

While Jim Stanton is joining Beattie Communications, as an account director, reporter, Adrian Mather, is headed for PR outfit, Holyrood Partnership.

Meanwhile, deputy chief sub-editor, Mark Eadie, is off to The Scotsman, where he is to be assistant night editor, and sub-editor, Tom Hunter, is also moving to The Scotsman, to the special features department.

In addition, two assistant news editors, Ben Borland and Paul Wilson, are also off to pastures new: Borland to become deputy editor of the Scottish Sunday Express, and Wilson to The Scotsman.

As if that wasn’t enough, Katy Ross, who has been on maternity cover in the features department, is to be the new deputy at Scotland on Sunday’s Spectrum magazine.

Tipped to take over Stanton’s role is business reporter, Michael Blackley.