Coats at dawn?

WAS it jealousy or admiration that Scottish broadcaster, Kaye Adams, was expressing in her weekly column in the Daily Record’s Saturday magazine?

Her intro read: “This one is for every woman in the country with the sole exception of Shereen Nanjiani.”

Shereen, is, of course, the former stv broadcaster who now graces BBC Radio Scotland, and Kaye enlightens us: “Shareen cannot be regarded as normal in respect of what I am about to ask and would only skew my findings to a ludicrous extent.”

She goes on to ask ‘every other woman’, three questions. (a) How many coats do you have? (b) How long have you had them? (c) How often do you wear them? Me first! Me first!”

Kaye reveals she has about eight coats, so we presume fashionista, Shereen, has zillions more.

Kaye does help us a bit, disclosing: “And, in case you are wondering, Shereen was excluded because if she got a jolt for every coat she possesses, she could replace the National Grid. If there’s ever a global shortage of coats, the hidden coat mountain will be found at her house. Now you know.”