Aspiring screenwriter takes peek at IWC

A WEEK-long work placement assignment at one of the country’s best-known independent TV production companies has just been completed – as a competition prize – by an young, aspiring Scottish screenwriter.

Crieff-based Rick Hughes won the opportunity following a competition staged by the audio-visual industry training body, Skillset. His prize was a week at the Glasgow office of IWC Media.

Entrants had been invited to come up with an idea for a prime-time Saturday night TV show.

Rick’s idea was for a contest for Britain’s most eligible people to meet on TV.

Said Rick: “The IWC prize gave me an excellent opportunity to see how programme ideas are developed, ready to pitch to BBC, ITV and independent commissioners.

“It was an incredibly busy period for IWC and I was grateful for being able to chaperone those with whom I worked. I got a chance to work with the Factual Day Time and Entertainment sections.

“It was all about getting a taster, an insight into the inner workings of the development team.”