Chomet in Cannes with Next Project

THE Edinburgh-based French animator, Sylvain Chomet, who made the Oscar-nominated Belleville Rendezvous, is at the Cannes Film Festival, with a show-reel of his latest venture.

With his producing partner and wife he has excepts from their new feature, The Illusionist.

The 22 million dollar project is being shown to potential buyers by the production company, Django Films, who have helped to finance it with TV channels, France 3 and Canal Plus.

The Illusionist, which is being created in the capital by a team of more than 70 animators, could be selected for next year’s festival.

Django Films, a company set up by the Chomets and Bob Last, and CineB are co-producing the film, with Philippe Carcassonne and Jake Eberts as executive producing.

The film is based on an original, previously unproduced script by the legendary French auteur, Jacques Tati (Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday), which Chomet has adapted. The story tells of an old-fashioned stage entertainer who tries not to disappoint a young girl who believes his magic tricks are real. The action unfurls in Paris, London, Edinburgh and the Western Isles.

Work started on the production in June two years ago. The film the film uses 2D techniques as well as CGI.

Additional work is taking place at Inkdigital in Dundee and at Neomis and LaStation in France.

Said Chomet: “We’re very excited that the project is nearing completion and the end is in sight. We cannot wait to get it out.”

The film is scheduled for release later next year.