Writes Shaun Milne: blogging is easy

allmediascotland.com is about to change, in terms of design, functionality and style of editorial.

That may lead to some disruption of normal services over the next few weeks, not least because there are holidays to be had.

It does mean also the prospect of new voices, from a galaxy of bloggers. So far, Nick Clayton and David Calder.

Now, it’s the turn of Shaun Milne…

WHEN I was invited to write an occasional blog for allmediascotland, I wondered why anyone would be remotely interested in the ramblings of a tabloid hack now pitching himself to the corporate classes.

But turns out allmediascotland are among the poor, unfortunate souls who have stumbled across by own blog on occasion, lingered a little too long, and are now duped into believing I’m a bona fide ‘Web 2.0 thinker’.

Truth is that I started a blog in 2004 as a home to my news cuttings.

And I landed a job on a newsdesk, instantly ending a life of jumping out helicopters, planes, and chipping away at the coal face of truth.

Oh aye, and hours of fruitless stake-outs at wrong addresses.

APOLOGIES: the rest of this entry is unavailable, most likely because of a corrupted database.