Writes Paul Hineman about: the need for more studio space

allmediascotland.com is about to change, in terms of design, functionality and style of editorial.

That may lead to some disruption of normal services over the next few weeks, not least because there are holidays to be had.

It does mean also the prospect of new voices, from a galaxy of bloggers. So far, Nick Clayton, David Calder, Chris Bell, Craig McGill, Mark Gorman and Shaun Milne.

Now, it’s the turn of Paul Hineman…

THE great Scottish studio debate goes on. I’m armed with a can opener and an out-of-date tin of earth worms; you have been warned.

So, 2008: shiny new digital broadcast centres for SMG and the BBC, new buildings filling the Clydeside horizon that form part of Glasgow’s media quarter and lots of interim reports from the Scottish Broadcast Commission.

Everyone poised for the brave new world and hoping against hope that Scotland sees an upturn in output.

We’d even accept a knee-jerk reaction.

We have the talent – okay, so loads of us have to work away from home.

We have the technology – more post-production facilities than you could shake a stylus at.

We have the locations: urban sprawls and majestic Highland sweeps.

And we have scripts. You name the genre, and boy, do we have the scripts.

But we still lack one, fundamentally important, vital resource: we need a built-for-purpose studio space.

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