Brian McNair writes about: ITV and ‘public service broadcasting’ is about to change, in terms of design, functionality and style of editorial.

That may lead to some disruption of normal services over the next few weeks, not least because there are holidays to be had.

It does mean also the prospect of new voices, from a galaxy of bloggers.

So far, Nick Clayton, David Calder, Chris Bell, Craig McGill, Paul Hineman, Shaun Milne and Mark Gorman.

Here, Brian McNair writes for a third time…

THE share price of ITV improved a little last week, a rare piece of good news for chief executive, Michael Grade.

But the structural problems remain. Leaving aside the cyclical downturn in the economy, which could last for years, and the knock-on effects of this for consumer confidence and advertising revenue across the media sector, ITV is in the midst of a long-term migration of audiences away from its free-to-air services to multichannel digital, online and mobile platforms.

And where audiences go, advertisers follow.

Broadcasting regulator, Ofcom’s report on the state of the UK communications market – published the other day – notes that spending on online ads grew by 40 per cent in 2007.

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