The 22 recommendations of the Scottish Broadcasting Commission

1. The commission recommends the creation of a new Scottish Network: a digital public service television channel and an extensive and innovative online platform. The network should be funded out of the new UK settlement for PSB – plurality and should be licensed and given full regulatory support by [broadcasting regulators] Ofcom.

2. The commission recommends that the remit for the new [Scottish Network] should include a commitment to high-quality information and entertainment, including news and current affairs covering Scottish and international issues, and innovative and ambitious cultural content.

3. The commission recommends that the new [Scottish Network] should seek to maximise its educational and economic impact, through partnerships with further and higher education and with Scotland’s creative industries, and by promoting Scottish content in the UK and overseas.

4. The commission recommends that broadcasters (including the new Scottish Network) should pay close regard to the views expressed by audiences in Scotland and recorded on the commission’s website.

5. The commission recommends that BBC Scotland should review its television commissioning policy and funding for Scottish programmes to address concerns about ambition and range.

6. The commission recommends that Ofcom seeks to maintain the current non-news programme obligations in the two stv licences, but is clear that maintaining Scottish news and current affairs on those services is an absolute requirement of any new settlement.

7. The commission recommends that the BBC Trust ensures better news coverage of the devolved nations and requires that services in future are more fully aligned with the needs and wishes of viewers in Scotland. Options to be considered should include models for fully integrated news programmes from Scotland combining Scottish, UK and international news.

8. The commission further recommends that all broadcasters in the UK should review the performance of their news services in reporting the four nations in a manner that is accurate and relevant for all.

9. The commission recommends that the BBC reviews the role, remit and funding of Radio Scotland in light of its unique national status and importance to Scottish cultural life.

10. The commission recommends that regulation and support for community radio should be reviewed by Ofcom in Scotland to strengthen this form of broadcasting and its benefits to the public.

11. The commission recommends that the BBC Trust and Executive should fulfil the commitment to secure 8.6 per cent of network television production from Scotland (under the Ofcom definition) by the end of 2012; and maintain that level, in line with population share, as a minimum thereafter.

12. The commission recommends that the BBC should establish and maintain a substantial network commissioning presence in Scotland and transfer the management of one of its four national television channels to Scotland.

13. The commission recommends that Channel 4 should have a mandatory target for production from Scotland of 8.6 per cent, in line with share of population, and that the Channel should base one of its commissioning departments in Scotland.

14. The commission recommends that the BBC and Channel 4, and the new Scottish Network – once established – work together (with the public agencies) on delivering the strategic aims of strengthening and diversifying the independent production base in Scotland.

15. The commission recommends that Scottish Enterprise produces the economic development strategy for the sector by the end of this December, together with an action plan for how this is to be delivered, taking full account of this commission’s report.

16. The commission recommends that Creative Scotland takes the leadership role in bringing together broadcasters, production companies, economic development bodies, skills agencies and further and higher education to work collaboratively in delivering what is required to ensure a thriving creative content sector.

17. The commission recommends that Skills Development Scotland, Skillset and the further and higher education sectors ensure they are positioned to anticipate changes in the skills requirement in the fast-moving broadcasting environment and realign their activities accordingly to avoid skills gaps in Scotland.

18. The commission recommends that the Scottish Parliament takes an active role in considering the broadcasting industry and services audiences in Scotland receive, in order to provide a visible and public forum for debate.

19. The commission recommends that Scottish Ministers should have greater responsibility, within the UK framework, for those operational functions of broadcasting directly affecting Scotland.

20. The commission recommends that the relevant public agencies in Scotland, the BBC Trust and Ofcom monitor and report annually on the broadcasting industry and services to audiences in Scotland, in line with their respective responsibilities.

21. The commission recommends that the influence and responsibilities of Ofcom Scotland should be strengthened and there should be specific representation for Scotland on the main Ofcom Board (at UK level).

22. The Commission recommends that Scottish Ministers report overall progress on implementing our report to the Scottish Parliament in September 2009, 2010 and 2011.