More thrills than skills – A half-life in journalism, part 63

Over the next few weeks, is to publish, each weekday, edited extracts from the memoirs of Scottish war correspondent, Paul Harris. ‘More thrills than skills: A half-life in journalism’, is being scheduled for publication next year.

IN the second year of the war, another reward did come along.

There was no money in it but there was a nice certificate as an award winner in the British Press Awards – the David Blundy Award section.

David Blundy had been a highly-respected foreign correspondent for The Sunday Times and the now defunct Sunday Correspondent when he was shot dead by a sniper in El Salvador.

His daughter, Anna Blundy, would write one of the more unusual and revealing books about the life of a war correspondent, Every time we say goodbye: The story of a father and a aaughter.

The SoS editor, Andrew Jaspan, was delighted in the success for the paper.

The same week, riding on the back of the success, I asked for a column. “No, Paul. You’re not a columnist. You’re a frontline man.

“Continue with what you’re good at…”