Tonight is ‘Scottish film night’ on the telly

YOU wait ages for one Scottish movie to come along, and then… In one of these unfortunate coincidences, the very moment one channel is screening a Scottish movie, so another is doing likewise.

At 10.35pm this evening, stv screens Blinded – just over half an hour after the start of Lucky Number Sleven, by Glasgow director, Paul McGuigan.

The Scottish Sun previews McGuigan’s movie with three stars (good), as does the Scottish Daily Mail, which describes it as “slight, silly, but slick with it”. It stars Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley.

And at midnight tomorrow, yet another Scottish movie is being shown on the telly: Dear Frankie, written by Andrea Gibb, who – last Spike heard – was still living in her home town of Greenock.

Four stars (very good) is how the Scottish Daily Mail rates it. “Pungent Scottish locations, fierce acting and much smoke and mirrors by director, Shona Auerbach, lend welcome edge”, it says.

Catch it on BBC1.

Blinded is the first of three movies being shown on consecutive Mondays on stv, GamerZ and Night People making up the trio, and all three the product of a funding scheme, called New Found Films, that was financed by stv and Scottish Screen.