Eco mag about to be launched – but only online

A LIFESTYLE magazine seeking to encourage environmentally-responsible behaviour among businesses is being launched later this month – but only as an online publication, to save on using paper.

ecoforyou is being funded and published by Glasgow-based Planet Ink – set up by former newspaper journalists, Gerry Cassidy and Shaun Milne.

But it is not a website, rather a digital version of what the magazine would like were it to appear on the newsstand, complete with a page-turn facility.

Content will include news, interviews, features and tips on ‘going green’, and is aimed at both individuals and companies. It will also include video content and Planet Ink’s hope is that ecoforyou will become known about through people ‘sending to a friend’ and chatting about it on social networking sites.

Says Shaun Milne: “It’s like a half-way house between print and web. All the familiarity of turning pages, with the interactivity and usability of the web – while being eco friendly. Call it publishing with a conscience – combining entertaining content and functionality to propel an important yet often maligned subject into the mainstream.”

Cassidy was assistant features editor at the Daily Record while Milne was deputy editor of the Scottish Mirror.