Scottish broadcasting to be subject of strategic investigation

THE future of broadcasting in Scotland is to be the subject of a strategic investigation conducted by Scottish Enterprise, the First Minister announced yesterday.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Alex Salmond said the strategy would build on the analysis and recommendations of the recently-concluded Scottish Broadcasting Commission – which he launched last year – whose principal recommendation is the creation of a digital TV channel dedicated to Scottish content.

The First Minister also told Parliament that Culture Minister, Linda Fabiani, has written to the Westminster Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham, to make direct representations in support of the commission’s proposals, in particular the creation of the ‘Scottish Network’ channel.

Yesterday, as part of the Scottish Government’s response to the commission’s recommendations, Salmond said: “[They] are far reaching and propose nothing short of a blueprint for a revolution in Scottish broadcasting.

“The commission’s central proposal is for a new Scottish Network consisting of a dedicated television channel and online dimension and this is a view I fully support.

“It is high time Scotland had its own dedicated digital network. Culturally, economically, democratically, this country deserves its own network to develop home-grown broadcasting and multi-media talent.”

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