Cancer claims Calum at tragically young age

A FORMER Daily Record, Herald and Evening Times reporter has died at the tragically young age of 32, from cancer.

Calum Macdonald died on Tuesday. He had recently left The Herald, which he joined from the Daily Record four years ago, to return to college, to study law.

Said a colleague: “Kind, funny and hugely popular, he will be much-missed across the world of journalism.”

A former Record colleague added: “Calum was an extremely popular member of the Record staff, where his intelligence and sharp wit were well appreciated.

“He was a great reporter, very good at rolling up his sleeves and exposing the baddies. He was tenacious when he took an interest in a project and you wouldn’t wish him to be making enquiries about your dodgy dealings.

“His time at the Record saw him creeping through bushes to bag photos of gangsters.

‘He also banged in many big stories and quickly became one of the highest-regarded reporters, at a very young age.

“Calum’s conscience did take it hard, however, when he suspected that a designated Record ‘baddie’ may actually be not so bad if you scraped beneath the surface.

“He was very kind-natured and really did suffer if he felt a story in the paper brought unjust pain on any individuals.

“He was perhaps too nice and conscientious to stay too long in tabloid journalism.”