Robin MacPherson writes: from the International Congress of Film and Television Schools

Reporting from China, Robin MacPherson – Screen Academy Scotland director – files his first day observations from the international congress of film and television schools…..

CILECT is the biennial congress of the world’s film and television schools and Scotland is represented by Screen Academy Scotland, based in Edinburgh.

The congress is taking place at the Beijing Film Academy, which was established in 1950, and has produced nearly all of China’s most successful filmmakers.

It’s bigger than many British universities.

The lure of a week in Beijing has attracted nearly 200 delegates from 108 schools in 46 countries.

Scotland doesn’t yet count as a separate country, but Screen Academy Scotland will, later this week, formally become one of the newest and, at only five years old, youngest members.

With any luck, we might be able to host a CILECT congress before we reach 50.

The first session of the congress, ‘Where is the Popcorn?’, is looking at new ways of distributing audio-visual content – the key challenge facing film and TV makers, and film and TV schools, the world over.

There’s a taxi driver in Seoul, South Korea, who transmits his own, rolling TV channel from his taxi – while he’s driving.

You can get a discount on the fare if you sing for him or can offer some other form of entertainment.

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