Scottish history series is cover story

ACCORDING to historian and TV broadcaster, Neil Oliver: “For many people, the history of Scotland is a mostly blank page.”

Which is one of the reasons why BBC Scotland is embarking on a huge A History of Scotland series – on radio, TV and online, supported by various events – with Oliver gracing this week’s edition of TV listings magazine, the Radio Times.

The magazine – which is the the only listings magazine which details programme information about the new, Gaelic-language digital TV channel, BBC Alba – also includes an essay by Oliver.

He writes: “We stand at a crossroads in our country’s story – one of the reasons we decided to tell [A History of Scotland] now.

“The future of the United Kingdom is under discussion in a way that hasn’t been heard for a generation… The second motivation is the undeniable fact that we Scots have a national mythology instead of a history.”

The series starts on BBC Radio Scotland, on Sunday, at 3.30pm, and BBC One Scotland, at 9pm.