Brian McNair writes about: fear, the future and optimism

LAST week was another of tumult and turbulence for the Scottish media.

BBC Scotland announced further job cuts, and Newquest in Gasgow invited its staff to ‘reapply’ for posts in what looks like being a radically-restructured operation at the Cowcaddens offices.

Over on the east coast, media gossip had it that Johnston Press would soon be putting The Scotsman up for sale.

On Thursday, the Scottish Parliament debated the state of the Scottish media, and didn’t much like what it saw.

It all contributed to a mounting sense of pre-Christmas crisis, and understandable anxiety amongst many media workers.

One BBC Scotland staffer looked deeply worried as he talked to me about his own future within the organisation.

Others see the announcement as an unremarkable extension of director-general, Mark Thompson’s 2007 package of job cuts.

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