Herald staff said to be facing tougher terms and conditions

A LONGER working day and reductions in holidays and sick pay entitlement is said to be the future awaiting staff at The Herald group should they be re-employed after being told they are being made redundant ahead of an invite to re-apply for 40 or so fewer posts.

A mass meeting yesterday afternoon heard from Paul Holleran, the Scottish Organiser of the National Union of Journalists, that new terms and conditions being proposed by the papers’ owners will mean, for instance, sickness entitlement dropping from 26 weeks on full pay, followed by 26 on half pay, to upto eight weeks full pay and 16 weeks half pay.

Meanwhile, so-called ‘group news reporters’ – working across all three of the group’s titles, The Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times – will be required to be available any day of the week, “as necessary for the business”.

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