Elrick star of TV show and Herald coverage

SATURDAY’S Herald magazine carried a spread by arts correspondent, Phil Miller, about a new kids’ TV drama, Half Moon Investigations, broadcast on Monday on BBC One.

There is passing mention in the copy that the parents of one of the show’s stars, Rory Elrick, are journos at the Herald group.

And they are none other than Jim Elrick, a sub-editor on the Evening Times, and Janette Harkness, deputy editor at The Herald.

But before Phil has to fend off accusations of favouritism, spare a thought: he has an injured hand sustained, allmediascotland.com hears, while travelling to his prospective in-laws in Canada.

On arrival at Vancouver airport, so bad was the snow, there were no taxis.

Hence, a long trek across the city, with suitcases in tow, and which involved at least one nasty fall on the slippery pavements.