Survey results provide clear appetite for news and media releases

READERS of mostly visit the site to read ‘Spike’ – its news and comment section – and the media releases posted by external organisations, as story ideas.

According to some 279 respondents to an online survey, hosted on for the last fortnight, some 74.5 per cent say they read Spike ‘very often’, while 51.8 per cent say they read the media releases either ‘very often’ or ‘often’.

When asked if they would be happy to receive (by some means, perhaps even as a feed) more media releases in return for more, and still free, editorial, 60.8 per cent of respondents said they were either ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’.

Some 57.9 per cent of respondents described themselves involved in either editorial (editor or reporter) or PR and marketing. 69.1 per cent of them said they visited the site either more than once a day or once a day.

From 23 options, the most popular types of media release among respondents are media, incl film (21.6 per cent), business (12.9 per cent), general news (9.4 per cent), government and politics (9.4 per cent), sport (7.9 per cent), art and entertainment, excl film (7.2 per cent) and current affairs (6.5 per cent).