Online newspaper launches for twitterers

AN online newspaper for users of the social networking service, Twitter, has been set up by a former chief sub-editor of The Scottish Sun.

Twitter is also described as a ‘micro-blogging utility’. It’s a way for people to tell others what they are up to, so long as their posts – or ‘tweets’ – are no more 140 characters in length. And yesterday – following a trial edition last week – James McIvor launched ‘the all tweet journal’.

Usually, McIvor – operating as Scooped! – is producing spoof newspaper front pages as birthday, wedding and going-away gifts. After a trial last week, the all tweet journal was officially launched yesterday.

A number of newspapers, including the Daily Record, Guardian and Scotsman, use Twitter, to link users back to their websites. BBC News, Sky and CNN are also on it.

Says McIvor: “I have been on Twitter for almost a year and used it initially to promote Scooped! but found it to be a great way of networking with others.

“Edinburgh is hosting Scotland’s first ‘Twestival’ on the 12th of next month, with twitterers getting together for some food, booze and networking.

“I was of the view that it would be good to bring out an online twitter newspaper where people can message me their news and we publish the best.

“The plan is to bring out the newspaper once a week but early indications would suggest there is scope to bring it out daily.

“The newspaper will feature one advert/promotion and one lead story with a picture element. As there is only one splash a day (or week) we will have to be selective with what we publish.

“We hope that advertisers will soon see the merit of promoting their product on the all tweet journal.”