BBC Scotland to dominate next month’s Panorama schedule

BBC Scotland’s Investigations Unit is set to produce the majority of the ‘Panorama’ films being broadcast next month.

The department, whch produces a range of investigations and documentaries for television and radio, is scheduled to provide three films for the ‘Panorama’ strand over the next four weeks.

First up will be an investigation into the banking crisis. ‘What happens after sorry?, on Monday, will focus on the leadership of The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Later in the month, another ‘Panorama’ coming out of BBC Scotland investigates the effectiveness of the system of seizing the assets of criminals.

There is also an hour-long investigation – the first 60-minute special from BBC Scotland for ‘Panorama’ – planned for transmission at the end of next month.

Says Marcus Ryder, editor (investigations) at BBC Scotland: “BBC Scotland has been a long-time contributor to the Panorama strand and the screening of three of our films over a month is a testament to the quality of the work from the teams in the department.”

Previous ‘Panorama’ films from BBC Scotland include include ‘Margo: I’ll die when I want to’, ‘The return of the Secret Policeman’, ‘NHS postcode lottery: It could be you’, and ‘Prisons unlocked’.

The Investigations Unit also produces programmes for Radio Scotland’s weekly strand, ‘The investigation’, television documentaries for ‘BBC Scotland Investigates’ and editions of ‘The Money Programme’.