Manager’s response at reporter condemned as ‘crass’

THEY were praising his column to the hilt last night, the football writers invited to share with Daily Record journalist, Jim Traynor, an hour or so of the BBC Radio Scotland airwaves last night: Traynor had neatly summed up the anger felt by many at remarks made on Saturday by the Celtic football club boss, Gordon Strachan.

Celtic had just lost to St Mirren in the Scottish Cup. Asked how he felt, he said to Real Radio’s Michelle Evans: “Explaining it to you is impossible. It would be like you explaining childbirth to me.”

She immediatley hit back, saying she had no idea what giving birth was like as she has no children.

Said Traynor: “… for all he knew she might have [given birth], and she might also have had a particularly painful and distressing time of it.”

He described how Strachan can be “downright crass”.

He added: “[Managers and players] have a dislike, maybe even a loathing for football reporters and newspapers and there are times when I can understand this attitude, but respect is a two-way street.

“Strachan often calls for that from us yet he regularly fails to show it in return.

“I just wish he could get over this problem and stop giving his critics ammunition. He might not care, but I believe it would be an awful shame if, when his time with Celtic does end, he is remembered more for his unfortunate attitude and demeaning of journalists rather than the most successful Celtic manager since Jock Stein.”