International campaign mounted to re-instate writer

AN Ukranian journalist who spoke to colleagues in Glasgow four years ago is the subject of an international campaign to be given his job back, after being seemingly sacked for his trade union activities.

Sergay Goos is vice-president of his country’s Independent Media Workers’ Union and – says the National Union of Journalists here in the UK – when he and fellow trade unionists on a Kiev-based magazine sought a collective pay and conditions agreement, he then found himself sacked.

In an email to the NUJ, he said: “I wasn’t thinking of leading a revolution, I thought it would really be possible to negotiate and get some grievances resolved, not necessarily tomorrow, but in future. We thought a collective agreement and an agreement on editorial policy was achievable.”

Goos spoke to NUJ members in Glasgow – as part of an UK tour that also included Birmingham, Bristol, London and Tolpuddle.

In an email to the magazine, NUJ president, Glasgow-based James Doherty writes: “I would urge NUJ members and other trade unionists to back the call for his re-instatement.

“Sergay is my friend and a tireless campaigner for journalistic independence and integrity. I have worked with him in both the UK and Ukraine to help to improve the professional development of journalists in your country.

“His ability and talent impressed me deeply. I urge you to re-instate him immediately.”