Stories appeal nets 600-plus responses

EVERY newspaper and magazine invites its readers to submit story ideas, but perhaps not quite in the formal way that US title, Business Week – which last week revealed it has, in the space of just 12 months, received over 600 suggestions.

Says the magazine: “Ever feel journalists are missing the story? ‘What’s your story idea?’ gives you the chance to have a direct impact on’s coverage.

“Editor-in-chief, John A. Byrne, with an assist from community editor, Shirley Brady, will review your pitches and assign at least one per week to a BusinessWeek journalist. When it goes live, you’ll get the credit.”

Says Byrne to his readers: “The objective behind this initiative was and is simple: It’s to tap the collective wisdom of our crowd in doing stories that are smarter and more forward looking, and – in the process – deepen our relationship with you, our reader.”