The ‘crisis’ within Scottish newspapers – part four

LAST Wednesday, the Scottish Affairs Committee at the House of Commons grilled five key figures in the Scottish newspaper industry, as part of an investigation into a ‘crisis’ within it.

They were: Jim Raeburn, of the Scottish Daily Newspaper Society; Tim Blott, managing director of the Herald and Times group; Mark Hollinshead, managing director of Trinity Mirror nationals division, including the Daily Record and Sunday Mail; John McLellan, editor-in-chief of The Scotsman group of newspapers; and Michael Johnston, its managing director.

It is worth watching: here.

On Friday, allmediascotland provided a timeline of the first 22 minutes’ worth of the two hours’ worth of proceedings.

Then part two – from 23 minutes to 46.30, and part three – from 46.30 minutes to 74 minutes.

But now that a transcript has been made available, the remainder of the proceedings can be read here, from Q176.