Headline of the month: I say, is that another?

FRIDAY’S BBC website carried a tale about metal being stolen from a new police station in West Lothian… thus prompting the headline: ‘Copper stolen from police station’.

It was penned by Angie Brown, in BBC Scotland’s Edinburgh newsroom. And it had not one, nor two, but three nominators, for this month’s Headline of the Month competition, sponsored by Whyte & Mackay: The Sunday Times Scotland deputy picture editor, Henrik Brandt; business writer, Colin Calder; and European Correspondents manager, Udo Seiwert-Fauti.

Each month, a bottle each of Whyte & Mackay’s Special whisky goes to the author and nominator of what’s considered to be the best headline. What’s more, the best headline of the year wins its author and nominator each a bottle of limited edition Whyte & Mackay 30 year-old, worth an estimated £150-plus a bottle.