In praise of Scotland on Sunday

THAT allmediascotland is read far and wide is illustrated by a glowing tribute to Scotland on Sunday newspaper, sent in by a pensioner living in Yorkshire.

Writes the grateful reader: “Congratulations must go to the Scotland on Sunday for obviously doing a quick change in the content of its Review magazine and dedicating several pages to the Michael Jackson death story.

“I have been collecting my copy of the Scotland on Sunday ever since it was available in England, especially at this outpost well off any motorway.

“The only time it did not arrive for collection from my corner shop, is when, apparently, a Scottish Rugby game had a late kick off, which the paper’s bosses tell me meant they missed the Sunday Post van at a swap-over point just north of the English border, which enabled the Scotland on Sunday to make its way south.

“However, maybe the printing operation, which was advertised to be working in London, means that the paper gets an unhindered trip north to East Yorkshire as an England-printed, Scots newspaper.

“My only criticism of the Scotland on Sunday, is that I, as a near 70 year-old pensioner, suffer from severe arm-ache after reading said tome.

“I do wish the owners would reduce it in size, compatible with some of the English former broadsheets. whilst maintaining its content.

“Dare I say ‘Berliner’ format, but keep it Scottish with more up-to date Scottish news and features which I have not heard on TV nor read in Saturday newspapers?”