Davidson helps digs dirt on grave discovery

IT makes a change from digging for a story, taking part in an archaelogoy excavation at a location in Perthshire.

By day, Vicky Davidson is the deputy editor of The Big Issue in Scotland magazine, but at weekends she is a keen archaelogy student. And last weekend was to prove particularly auspicious, as she helped unearth the secrets of a Bronze Age fort at Forteviot.

And as reported in yesterday’s Herald, The Press and Journal and Courier newspapers, underneath a four-tonne stone slab was a 4,000 year-old, almost intact burial chamber.

In fact, The Herald’s pic features Vicky among the ‘chorus line’ of archaelogy volunteers, (if you have a magnifying glass) ninth from the left in a bright blue top and wearing a baseball cap.

She told allmediascotland.com: “Friday was just incredible, the atmosphere was electric when they realised there was this really important grave.”