Scotland on Sunday columnists sign off

TWO newspaper columnists on Scotland on Sunday yesterday penned their final articles for the newspaper.

Budget cuts are believed to behind the tenures of Hardeep Singh Kholi and Ewan Morrison coming to an end.

Both mentioned their fate.

Morrison’s final paragraph, in an article about radicalism, read: “The verdict is in: all the time I thought I was being radical I was working for the enemy. I am a cadre, And if you have enjoyed my rants these last two years, the chances are that you are a cadre too. End of transmission. End of Weegie Bored [the name of the column]. Thank you and goodnight. And now a word from our sponsors.”

In Hardeep is Your Love, Singh Kholi said that, of all the tales he had penned during his two years on the paper, the one to have attracted the most responses was one about his difficulty finding, in Edinburgh, what he considered to be a decent Chinese restaurant. “I now have a list of nine to choose from. For that I thank you all,” he wrote. “As I saddle my horse and ride off into the journalistic sunset, I’m glad it was love of food that evoked such deep reaction and passion. Never forget the food.”

SoS’s other columnists include Kayt Turner, Fordyce Maxwell and Gerald Warner.