Weir returns to sports agency

A FORMER chief sportswriter at the Scottish Daily Mirror has returned to his former employers – a sports marketing, player management and TV production company – after a gap of 18 months.

Stewart Weir has rejoined Stirling-based 110sport, after a year-and-a half as editor-in-chief of a website – due to launch soon – that aims to allow young people showcase their sports skills.

He says he is returning to 110sport because he has been given the chance to develop the ideas he first worked on nearly a decade ago.

“Having been asked back, I’d be a hypocrite to knock back the chance to do the sort of things online that I publicly said 110sport needed to be doing when I left two years ago. For me, it’s a great opportunity – not everyone is fortunate enough to get another crack at a project they believe in.”

Of TalentNation – being run by former Scottish Sun editor, Steve Sampson – which he has just left, Weir said: “I think it has taken longer than it should have to get up and running. But it’s a great idea, a great concept. It is a business with potential and with a great ideas man at the head.”

Weir was chief sportswriter at the Scottish Daily Mirror between 1997 and 2000 and was a columnist with the paper up until last year when it downsized its Scottish operation.