Record vendors still looking crisp

STILL brightening the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the smartly-clad vendors of the recently-launched evening edition of the Daily Record continue to be doing brisk business, not least because of the free gift that comes with each copy bought.

Spike hears the customers of one Glasgow hostelry weren’t slow to realise, the other day, that it was cheaper to buy a copy of Glasgow PM and receive a free packet of Kettle crisps with the paper than it was to buy crisps over the bar.

And that they were further cheered when a second delivery, after the first batch had run out, comprised larger-sized packets.

Spike also hears that one of the vendors was, the other day, approached by someone claiming to represent rivals, the Evening Times.

“Would you like to work with us,” she was asked. “No thanks,” she replied, explaining that her dad is Daily Record managing director, Mark Hollinshead.