Top-selling dailies resist temptation to fall out over Sun’s snub of new Labour

AN anticipated fall-out between The Scottish Sun and the Daily Record has failed to materialise, following the former’s decision, in midweek, to stop supporting New Labour.

On Wednesday, under the front page headline, ‘Labour’s Lost It’, the Scottish Sun joined its London-based sister title in turning its back on New Labour after over a decade of support. But unlike its sister, it stopped short of endorsing the Tories.

And yesterday, the Daily Record hit back, describing its rival as ‘two-faced’ and printing a large picture of the Sun being torn up by a prominent union boss, on the stage of the Labour Party conference, taking place in Brighton.

Declared the Record: “The Sun are wrong on Labour and wrong on Scotland. And if they think the Daily Record will let them continue their snake-like deception of the Scottish public, they are wrong on that too.”

But today, all quiet. The Scottish Sun says Tory leader, David Cameron, is hoping to meet First Minister, Alex Salmond, before the General Election, but not much more.

It devotes almost as much space on the money spent by ‘cash-strapped councils’ on celebrities, to host staff awards ceremonies.