Camera hits Tanner on the napper

GRETNA football club kick off their Euro adventure – in the UEFA Cup – later today and no doubt the last thing manager, Rowan Alexander, will be reflecting on will be his incredulity at a question put to him after his side’s 6-0 league defeat of Hamilton Academical on Saturday.

Asked a reporter, immediately after the match, with his tape recorder slapped confidently down on a table: “Would you say you were pleased with that start, Rowan?”

Meanwhile, last night, at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, following Hearts’ own Euro adventure – this time, in the Champions’ League – against AEK Athens, the home side’s goalkeeper, Craig Gordon, appeared to face the media after his side had conceded two late goals, to lose 2-1.

In the area set aside for interviews to take place, Sky’s David Tanner managed to coax Gordon to step a little outside a cordon – a request that clearly failed to register with the camerperson, whose camera smacked Tanner on the back of the head.