Digital radio on the rise and rise

ALMOST two million people in the UK use their mp3 players to listen to radio programmes which they have downloaded as podcasts, figures recently released by listenership ratings organisation, RAJAR, have revealed.

According to RAJAR estimates, a quarter of the UK’s adult population own an mp3 player, and that quarter, some 14.8 per cent use their mp3 players to listen to radio podcasts.

This is the first time RAJAR has published data on podcasting and has done so as part of an analysis into what it calls the ‘Digitally Enabled Universe’ – in other words, the number of people
listening to the radio through digital television, digital radios, mp3 players, websites and mobile phones.

According to its findings, RAJAR says that the ‘Digitally Enabled Universe’ increased from 25.5 million adults at the start of the year to 27.1 million by the summer.

According to the figures, 13.6 per cent of all radio listening is now via a digital medium including 9.7 per cent of adults with a mobile phone (3.5 million).

Almost 23 per cent of adults in the UK have listened to the radio via the internet – an increase from 20.8 last year; whilst 38.9 per cent have listened through their digital television.

The statistics also show that 15.3 per cent of adults now own a DAB digital radio in their homes.