Vintage touch by former fashion ed

A FORMER fashion editor at the Daily Record newspaper has launched her own clothing website, dedicated to vintage fashions.

Merle Brown – who wrote for four years on the Celtic football club magazine, Celtic View, before joining the Record ten years ago – has set up her own e-boutique dedicated to women’s vintage clothes and also homeware.

Each of her items – sourced, she says, “wherever I can find them” – is lovingly described by Merle, including a coat, for £30, that she says would grace the set of Coronation Street during the 1960s.

Adds Merle: “I’ve always loved everything and anything vintage – my house is full of old clothes and we never eat off modern dishes here. I love fashion, and the trends we see today all come from the past, so why not buy the originals, rather than mass-produced high street versions?

“I love the fact that everything vintage, be it a glamorous evening dress or a Tupperware storage box, has a story behind it. The writer in me loves to imagine those tales. Now I am just glad I can share my passion – and those tales – on my e-boutique.”

Her site is called

She left the Record five years ago next month, to freelance, including for – as a writer and stylist – The Guardian, The Herald, The Scotsman, The Daily Mail, Schuh, Buchanan Galleries, in Glasgow, and Alea Casinos. She is currently working on a ‘chick lit’ novel with an inevitably vintage theme.